Depth 1.2 m! Boasting a bath to soak your shoulders★Faithfully reproduce the ruins of 楊 !!
The lobby is also equipped with a paperback book, so you can spend a relaxing time on the sofa.


Inn of Yang Gyokusenkaku

Let's take a trip and relax everyone to a far-reaching world of romance.
Nagato Yumoto Onsen is a town called "Osoto Heaven" where you can enjoy walking day and night.

An Osoto sauna that utilizes a natural river bed that is unique in Japan.

  • Start selling lodging plan ``Totono by the water'' and ``Kawadoko private sauna'' to enjoy nature.

    The sauna plan of this facility, which was featured in "Dawn of Gaia" in June 2023, is finally ready for sale.Sales will start from March 7th. (Implementation starts from March 14th)For the time being, the accommodation plan will be reserved exclusively for one group per day.With Gyokusenkaku's Kawadoko Sauna plan, you can enjoy a private tent sauna on the banks of the river, a 1-minute walk from our hotel.After sweating a lot in the sauna, jump into the clear Tainei-ji Temple River right in front of you and cool down in nature.Enjoy a relaxing outdoor bath on the riverbed terrace filled with negative ions.

Premium Dining Ayaka(Saika)

  • On a special day! Exclusively for dinner parties for important occasions such as face-to-face meetings

    This is a private venue with a capacity of 8 people.
    There is also a toilet attached, so you can use it as a completely private room.
    There are various events such as important dinner parties such as meet-and-greets, birthday parties, celebrations of longevity, entertainment, etc.
    Please enjoy Kaiseki cuisine in a relaxed manner.
    We accept budgets starting from 10,000 yen (excluding tax) per person.

Exclusively for Gyokusenkaku"Kawadoko"

  • Waterside square "Kawadoko"

    It is a riverbed installed beside Tainei-ji Temple River flows directly under this facility.
    Guests staying at the hotel and those using Gyokusenkaku can use it freely.
    Please spend a relaxing time while listening to the croaking of river frogs, the chirping of birds, and the murmuring of the river.
    Take-out coffee can also be ordered at the hotel's front desk.
    *Please refrain from using it when it rains.In addition, there may be cases where it cannot be used due to safety concerns such as strong winds.
  • Information on using "Kawadoko Yoga"!

    Gyokusenkakuuse a dedicated riverbed is "yoga mats" in free loan.
    Only for hotel guests.Two sets are available.
    It is available from 7:00 in the morning to around 16:00 in the evening.
    Since the number is limited, please take about 1 hour per person.
    *Please refrain from using it in the rain.The same is true in strong winds.
    We accept at the front desk.

There are rooms for workcations

  • Would you like to do a workation at Gyokusenkaku?

    This facility is located in a quiet place, climbing a slope from the prefectural road and standing on a hill.
    This room was renovated in July 2022 and has a comfortable space with a long counter and soft sunlight coming in through the large open windows.
    This long counter has three outlets, making it an excellent environment for online meetings or work with materials spread out.
    It is a good location to reach the center of Nagato Yumoto Onsen town in about 5 minutes on foot. It is also recommended to take a walk while looking at.


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1234 Fukawa Yumoto, Nagato City

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Chugoku Expressway is approximately 30 minutes by car from Mine IC Chugoku Expressway's Chugoku Expressway.There is a transfer to the nearest station Nagato-Yumoto Station (Free)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Transfer to JR Nagatoyumoto Station. Please contact us in advance or upon arrival.
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Children Welcome

  • Amenities

    We offer slippers for children (free) and Yukata (charge depending on reservation conditions).
    Please do not hesitate to contact us as we will lend you

Yangi Kuei Fei Legend

  • Mukatsuku district Yangi Kuei Fei Legend Mukatsuku district

    Two books of ancient documents have been left in the temple that Nison-in Temple of Mukatsuku of Yuya Mukatsuku
    This is about 230 years ago (1766) from now on, at that time Nison-in Fukurinbo 55th Keigaku Osho
    It is something I listened to and telled down from the old people the story that is transmitted to this place
    "Well, let's see if you see Mr. Chen, Mr. Gen Kim's sorrowful wish, squeeze tears and kill him before the Buddhist temple,
    In fact, if you save Kihi death as well, you will die from Chen Yuanjie, make an empty bowl, put it on it, and let it go for several days.
     There is a book saying that it became a fairy into a fairy tale in a book. To tell the truth, it is clear and striking to this mugs. Until that is lives. There is. (Please see from the banner below for details).

Welcome to Nagato Yumoto Onsen

  • Walk around in Osoto heaven

    Through the social experiment of Heisei, Nagato Yumoto Onsen has been certified to River Regulations Special District in the use of the river.
     For that reason, now there are three riverbeds and one placement seat.
    On the Tainei-ji Temple River near the hotel, we have set up a riverbed Gyokusenkaku for Gyokusenkaku.
    To our guests, while listening to the river's babble,
    If you could have a relaxing time,
    We also sell take-out coffee.  

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