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Let's take a trip and relax everyone to a far-reaching world of romance.

Recommended information from Gyokusenkaku

  • Riverbed chartered banquet plan

    The Kawadoko season has arrived.
    We will conduct this year"Riverbed chartered banquet plan"
    Fare:13,000 yen per group(Tax included)
    Number of people:4 to 8 people
    Contents:With 1 barrel of draft beer (7ℓ)
      [If you wish to add, 1 barrel 6,000 yen(Tax included)]
       Use time is 2 hours.
    Reserve:Apply by phone 2 days in advance
    Bring in:Food and drink are free(Please take garbage home)
         We also accept hors d'oeuvres.Please contact us.
    Special Advantages:You can use the bath at Gyokusenkaku at half price
      (Adult 1000 yen → 500 yen)(Children ¥ 500 → ¥ 250)
    Implementation period:March 27 to April 12
  • New guest room opened"Terrace 112"

    "Twin rooms with a terrace like a Noh stage and Simmons beds"
    An open space was created by connecting the guest room and the terrace.
    Relax in a cozy and simple room with terraces and trees extending from the rooms.
    A terrace was set up, leaving the trees that were planted in the original garden intact.The terrace and guest rooms are connected by large windows on the entire wall, creating a space where natural light is comfortable.Marni Woodworker's furniture is in harmony with the room, making it even more comfortable.


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1234 Fukawa Yumoto, Nagato City

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Chugoku Expressway is approximately 30 minutes by car from Mine IC Chugoku Expressway's Chugoku Expressway.There is a transfer to the nearest station Nagato-Yumoto Station (Free)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Transfer to JR Nagatoyumoto Station. Please contact us in advance or upon arrival.
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Children Welcome

  • Amenities

    We offer slippers for children (free) and Yukata (charge depending on reservation conditions).
    Please do not hesitate to contact us as we will lend you

Yangi Kuei Fei Legend

  • Mukatsuku district Yangi Kuei Fei Legend Mukatsuku district

    Two books of ancient documents have been left in the temple that Nison-in Temple of Mukatsuku of Yuya Mukatsuku
    This is about 230 years ago (1766) from now on, at that time Nison-in Fukurinbo 55th Keigaku Osho
    It is something I listened to and telled down from the old people the story that is transmitted to this place
    "Well, let's see if you see Mr. Chen, Mr. Gen Kim's sorrowful wish, squeeze tears and kill him before the Buddhist temple,
    In fact, if you save Kihi death as well, you will die from Chen Yuanjie, make an empty bowl, put it on it, and let it go for several days.
     There is a book saying that it became a fairy into a fairy tale in a book. To tell the truth, it is clear and striking to this mugs. Until that is lives. There is. (Please see from the banner below for details).

Nagato Yumoto Mirai Project

  • Let's get excited at Nagato Yumoto Onsen

    Through the social experiment of Heisei, Nagato Yumoto Onsen has been certified to River Regulations Special District in the use of the river.
     For that reason, now there are three riverbeds and one placement seat.
    The hotel near the Tainei-ji Temple River, we established the riverbed of Gyokusenkaku only.
    To our guests, while listening to the river's babble,
    If you could have a relaxing time,
    We also sell take-out coffee.  

     In addition, consultation for use by reserves is also accepted, so please contact us.

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