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Please enjoy the kaiseki cuisine with seafood.

Menu-oriented aka cuisine with room meals.

Seasonal Kaiseki Meal

Delicious fish, in a delicious season.

Yamaguchi is blessed with one of the most famous fishing ports in Japan, including Senzaki Port famous for squid and horse mackerel and Shimonoseki in Fugu.
Because we purchase seasonal seafood every day at that time, freshness comes with origami.
I emphasized the deliciousness of the material and tailored it as an original cuisine cooking meal without putting too much of my hands on it.
  • Seasonal meal tailored to the season

    • Senraku Lunch

      From 2200 yen
      Period available:
      For irregular holidays,Please contact us.
  • Senraku Lunch

    Restaurant is a lunch where I am eat in Senraku
    Sukiyaki Gozen
    Mini steak bowl low dining table
    Mini seafood bowl low dining table
    Choshu chicken low dining table
    We offer four types.

    One-time bathing service is provided for customers who have a meal!
  • Winter in Yamaguchi "Fuku"

  • Please enjoy fresh seafood.

  • Grilled abalone dancing!

    Bake fresh abalone in front of you.
    The dancing abalone feels a bit pitiful, but it is exquisite.
    Please enjoy abalone with eyes and tongue.