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  2. Yangi Kuei Fei Legend

Yangi Kuei Fei Legend

  • Why Youkihi in Gyokusenkaku

    Two books of ancient documents have been left in the temple that Nison-in Temple of Mukatsuku of Yuya Mukatsuku
    This is about 230 years ago (1766) from now on, at that time Nison-in Fukurinbo 55th Keigaku Osho
    I listened to and talked down stories from this old world.
  • Todoguchi, who has landed at Youkihi

    The old days of Nara Period As far in Japan, Tang Dynasty in Tempo 15 years Tang Dynasty (756 years) I under the Ja' that of July.
    There is a Utsurobune the west side of the Todoguchi Mukatsuku Peninsula, to which an Utsurobune has flowed.
    In the boat, it was haunted by long drifting, but it is very elegant, it seems that a beautiful lady was lying.
    Your side, "this gentleman to the maid is Mosu of the Tang’s Tenshi (title), it is said by me and love Princess Youkihi of Emperor Genso Genso Kotei Rebellion of Anrokuzan place where he was executed by Rebellion of Anrokuzan of Rebellion of Anrokuzan 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 Rebellion of Anrokuzan She said that with tears.
  • Tomb of Yang Guifei

    The Although the Youkihi of breath also Taedae was nursing Satobito we are generous, Do Tage taken off the shopping cormorant breath shortly. So Satobito us, it likely was buried in hospitable to the top of the hill of Kuzu with views of the western sea.
    That is the tower of the Olympics, which is now said to be Tomb of Yang Guifei Nison-in Temple the precincts of Nizon-in.
    I say that a lot of people came to take part in the service, saying, "If you enter Tomb of Yang Guifei of 楊, the wish will be fulfilled". (Extracted from old document)
  • Easy-to-use, famous power spot Nison-in Temple

    Nison-in Temple, the power also have been introduced as a spot, and the Olympic tower, which is reportedly Tomb of Yang Guifei is in the precincts of the Nison-in Temple, Country-designated Important Cultural Property Honson Nison Buddha, which is enshrined in order to mourn the Reclining Buddha Amida Nyorai Standing Statue Shaka Nyorai Standing Statue is being talked about.
    A lot of worshipers are going to give wishes guardian, relief goods, religious affairs, childbirth, marriage ceremony, and to offer benefits.The fulfillment of fulfillment is also a reputation, if you wish, the priest will pray at the main hall.
    It is also popular for the Yang Guifei Ema is only for the Nison-in Temple where requests are said to be fulfilled.
  • Introduction of Yangi Kuei Fei

    "There is a bathroom dedicated to Hua Qing Pond Youkihi, the tub is something petals form thumps the" old but had been handed down and, the legend as expected excavated bathtubs are those of the Tang Dynasty, the tub One of the many stones that were made was engraved with the indigo character.
    Moreover, because it was in the shape of a petal according to tradition, it was confirmed that it was a bath that Yu Kee had a favorite bath.
    The excavated bath has blue stone petals shaped in two stages, about 3 and 6 meters east and west, about 3.9 meters north and south, about 1,2 meters deep, with hot water as a fountain from the bottom It has become a mechanism that springs up.
    There are stairs in two places, it seems to have gone out of here.
    In addition to the Youkihi Bath Track of this Youkihi Bath Track, five bathtubs are excavated, and the mighty power of the emperor at that time is touted.